Tuesday, October 09, 2007

stickers and colored pencils

Sometimes things start coming together even when you don’t know how they are going to all work out. Mostly, I think I have given up trying make stuff happen and just make the most out of what comes my way. I think I might be closer to living a life bent towards Providence than towards possessions and prestige. I struggle though sometimes knowing that the identity is gone. I may have severely under estimated the rebuilding process for living a life.

Today was great, after I left my consulting session; I went to my youngest daughter’s school and met with her teacher to discuss her progress. I was so disappointed with all the structure of learning geared toward these “state standards,” trying to have an open mind about it, I did see the merit in learning to build a foundation of how to read. I think my daughter has a good teacher and I think she enjoys school for the most part. I really enjoyed being present at the parent teacher meeting. I can’t even remember being present or going to one for my oldest girls. What a shame I missed out on those. When I came home, my oldest asked if I would help her with a school project and my attitude was genuinely glad to help. Later we had to go get more supplies. We had planned to only go to one stop, but it ended up being a three-store stickers and colored pencils trip. I really didn’t mind. On the way home she thanked me and said she really appreciated me taking her to get her supplies and that she actually enjoyed the time together and that was the highlight of my day.

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